Ceiling Fans for Low Garage Ceilings

Temperature extremes tend to hit the garage more often than any other part of your home. Even if the garage is attached to your home, there’s a good chance that zero insulation was installed above the ceiling unless local codes demanded it. The garage is also a buffer zone between your regular living space and your vehicles or your man cave or the toy room for the kids.

Regulating the temperature of your garage so it stays comfortable can be an expensive experience. From high-capacity heaters to industrial-quality fans, you could be expending energy to normalize the temperature of your garage all year long.

If you do need to regulate the temperature of your garage, the first step to take is to insulate it. Install proper R-grade insulation in the attic area of your garage if it exists. If not, you may wish to install a false ceiling and place insulation above it. Finish the walls of the garage as well and add insulation to improve temperature consistency as well.

Then you may wish to purchase one of the best garage ceiling fans to keep your space at a comfortable temperature. Here’s why.

1. Garage ceiling fans pull down the hot air. Hot air rises and cool air sinks. If the air could be mixed better, then the temperature would have more consistency and comfort to it. A ceiling fan in the garage is the easiest way to pull down the hot air so that you don’t feel so cold when you head out there to work or have fun.

2. They work on low garage ceilings too. If your garage ceiling is less than 10 feet, a flush-mount or a wall-mount ceiling fan can be installed in most locations. Just make sure your ceiling fan is out of the way of your garage door opening mechanisms.

3. You can install them directly over your work area. Although it seems counter-productive, if you install a ceiling fan right above where you work or play, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in the temperature of the environment. That temperature balance will then spread out from the immediate area over an hour or two to improve comfort levels throughout the entire space.

4. It’s not just about staying warm. A ceiling fan in the garage can help you stay cool in the warmer months too. Just make sure you purchase a fan that has a reversible spin so you can cycle the hot air upward to stay cooler in the summer months. As an added benefit, the moving air will keep insects off you while you’re working in the garage as well.

5. It is a long-term investment. Many garage ceiling fans are of an industrial quality because the environment of that space can be difficult. Dust, outside debris, and other hazards to a fan are almost always present. These fans may cost more than cheaper indoor fans, but they are workhorses that won’t quit on you.

Ceiling fans for low garage ceilings or even an unfinished garage will improve the comfort you experience in this space. Install one today and you’ll be amazed at how much time you will want to spend in your garage from now on.

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