Modern and Contemporary Ceiling Fan Ideas

The year was 1991. I’d been sent to spend a week with my grandparents to get to “know them better.” That week was the longest one of my life. We watched The Price is Right every morning. We took a walk around the neighborhood every afternoon. Most of the time I spent sacked out on their couch, staring up at their ceiling fan.

It was a beautiful fan. The light kit offered three bulbs, each graced with an intricate glass lamp. There were five blades on the fan, adorned in gold, and it stretched out over most of the ceiling. I watched those blades go ‘round and ‘round, wondering when my misery would ever end.

Modern and contemporary ceiling fans still get the job done like my grandmother’s ceiling fan did, but with an added element of style. You can even use some models outdoors or on your 3-seasons porch.

Here are some ideas to help get you started on a new design. You know, in case one day you have someone over that wants to stare at your ceiling fan one day.

1. The Airplane Propeller

There are two ways that the propeller design can grace a home with a modern design. The two-bladed model moves a surprisingly large amount of air and some models have blades that are 84 inches in length. The movement is slow compared to the traditional ceiling fan with a distinctive look.

The other option is a 3-blade design that offers more curvature to the blade. The blades wrap around the central hub and create directional airflow in a dynamic way.

Both design options come with a light kit or can be installed without a light if you prefer. If you like the idea of an LED ceiling fan, give this design option a closer look.

2-Blade Design: Westinghouse Solana 48″.

3-Blade Design: Minka Aire F844 Light Wave.

2. The Turbo Swirl

If you have a smaller room that needs a ceiling fan, then this contemporary model is a solid option to think about. The diameter of the fan is as little as 30 inches on some models, but you receive an equal level of air movement because there are 5-6 blades instead of 3-4. Light kits are available for this design option as well.

A variety of finishes are available with this design. If you love the idea of fusing traditional looks with modern functionality, consider the brushed aluminum finish. For something new and fresh, bring the gunmetal finish into your home.

Example: Westinghouse Turbo Swirl.

3. Kovacs Lighting

If you want a unique look for your home, then the ceiling fans manufactured by Kovacs Lighting are a solid option. Often sold through Minka Aire, you’ll find a polished nickel finish that works with halogen bulbs for its light kit. One of the best designs is a 54-inch ceiling fan that offers rounded blades of various sizes and lengths.

It looks like one of those old models of the solar system we used to make back in fourth grade. As an extra bonus, some sellers will throw in an extra desk fan or other bonuses. One thing is for certain: Kovacs proves that a ceiling fan can still be a beautiful work of art.

Example: George Kovacs 6 Blade Modern Ceiling Fan.

4. Art Deco

These ceiling fans never really go out of style. The blades of the ceiling fan offer more of a traditional look. They’re often in a 4- or 5-blade design, with a wooden finish and straight lines. What sets this type of ceiling fan apart from the rest is the light kit. Many of them have small chandeliers attached to the fan motor, providing a timeless look that will become a conversation piece.

We’ve found that crystal chandeliers tend to be a better option compared to glass, but you can’t go wrong with this design as long as you stay away from the plastic imitators. These do have a heavy weight to them. You’ll be hanging over 100 pounds, so make sure setup can handle it.

Example: Colorled Flush Mounted Ceiling Fan with Chandelier.

5. The Box Fan Look

If you’re looking for something affordable and basic, then take the convenience of a box fan and attach it to a ceiling bracket. Air King makes several ceiling fans that are perfect for the garage, the corner of a family room, or any other place where you need stronger air circulation. It isn’t right for everyone, but the power and compact design deserve consideration.

Example: Air King Industrial Grade 18″ Ceiling Mount Fan.

Ceiling fans may not be everyone’s cup of tea today, but there are numerous modern and contemporary options that can complement your look. They are so beautiful, in fact, that you might find yourself staring up at the ceiling fan from time-to-time too.

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