Review: Harbor Breeze Merrimack Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans may be going out of style for some, but that might be because those folks haven’t seen the modern design options that are available today. Many great fans are fusing modern functionality with old-school looks. One of the best examples of this fashionable fusion is the Harbor Breeze Merrimack Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan.

It provides a rustic charm with its first impression thanks to its ribbed blades and lantern-like light fixture. A java finish provides a look that is humble and approachable for almost any interior design. It also features LED lighting and a quiet motor technology that makes you forget it is present in the room, even when operating at its highest speed setting.

Here are some more key points to look at with this ceiling fan by Harbor Breeze.

  • It offers a 3-speed AC motor that is reversible. At its highest setting, the fan offers a CFM rating of 5188. This gives it an airflow efficiency rating of 89, making it an excellent option for those looking for an energy efficient ceiling fan.
  • The blades of this ceiling fan are weatherproof, making it possible to have a full outdoor installation. The fixtures are an antique bronze finish to complement the java look, creating a stunning ceiling fan that becomes a conversation piece.
  • The light kit offers a clear seeded glass shade, offered in a lantern-esque globe style, with metal support brackets surrounding it to finish off the brilliant look of the fan.

The maintenance and cleaning chores for this ceiling fan is super simple. You just wipe it down with a wet cloth and let it air dry. A light polish really enhances the finish as well.

What to Expect with the Harbor Breeze Merrimack

The Merrimack comes with a 6-inch down rod in the box. There are compatible down rods that can be purchased that go up to 48 inches in length. Once you go beyond 24 inches, however, the 6-inch intervals go away, so taller ceilings can be somewhat difficult to manage for some homeowners.

Even though this ceiling fan is rated for indoor and outdoor use, we found that precipitation contact with the fan is a bad thing. The Merrimack can handle an environment that is humid, but direct rain or snow contact will likely ruin the fan.

As we began the installation of this ceiling fan, we noticed that there is no option for separate fan and light wiring. You have to wire the entire assembly into your switch, which means there isn’t a dimmable option with this ceiling fan.

There was a little noise experienced at the highest setting, but nothing that was extremely bothersome. No humming came from the fan. The airflow that can be achieved is impressive. There is also a remote option to use, which we found to be quite useful.

The Harbor Breeze Merrimack Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan is a solid option in a crowded category. Although it isn’t really a wet-rated fan, it is equivalent to a damp-rated fan and that allows it to have plenty of potential for almost any home.

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