Review: Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Outdoor Ceiling Fan

It has been said that ceiling fans are one-part furniture, one-part fashion accessory, and one-part HVAC. Many are designed to provide a central system of air movement within a room, extending the length of the blades for larger rooms. The Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Outdoor Ceiling Fan takes a different approach. It offers a central light kit and then two smaller 3-blade ceiling fans that extend outward.

Here are the key points to consider when looking at this unique ceiling fan by Harbor Breeze.

  • The total span of this ceiling fan is 74 inches. This makes it an ideal installation for larger rooms, especially since it is rated for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The AC motor is reversible and provides 3 speeds to create the most comfortable environment possible. At its maximum setting, this ceiling fan achieves a CFM of 4450.
  • The light kit includes a frosted glass shade to soften the look of your lighting option. LED bulbs seemed to work the best with this model.
  • There are 6 blades in total with this ceiling fan, though this is separated into two smaller ceiling fans instead of one large central design. The support canopy and bar extensions are finished in oil-rubbed bronze, while the blades are a beautiful brown wicker.
  • A 4-inch down rod is included in the box with this ceiling fan.

Although this ceiling fan is designed to work with LED lighting, any standard bulb will work with this ceiling fan. Using an alternative bulb may change the energy efficiency rating, however, if that is personally important.

What to Expect with the Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze

You can change the light kit on this ceiling fan if you prefer a different look. You’ll just need to make sure your preferred configuration is of the same size. Products from the Harbor Breeze catalog seemed to work better than generic kits when looking for alternatives.

The setup of the fan makes it look like a central motor controls both fans, but the Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze is equipped with two motors. Even if one of the motors fails to work or loses a power connection, the other motor will spin its fan for you, continuing to work.

The 4-inch down rod is somewhat limiting, especially since this ceiling fan is rated to work in rooms of up to 400 square feet. A down rod of about 20-24 inches provides the best results. Anything longer than that and there was some heavy vibration that came from the fan.

It would be nice for this ceiling fan to come with a remote control. Overall, however, it was quite easy to install. We tried installing without attaching the blades first and then installing with the blades attached before hanging and we definitely recommend the latter option.

We found the Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Outdoor Ceiling Fan to be a superb fan that is a solid lighting, decorative, and air movement option. It will definitely work hard for you and that’s why it earns our recommendation.

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