Review: Honeywell Rio Contemporary Ceiling Fan

Sometimes, the traditional look is just not right for the bedroom. If you love modern lines and want something that can be a focal point of your interior design, you may find yourself feeling disappointed by the options you find in the category of the best bedroom ceiling fans. Let the Honeywell Rio Contemporary Ceiling Fan lift your spirts. With its swept-up blade design, brushed nickel finish with matte black blades, and quiet convenience, it will exceed your expectations.

A light kit is included with this Honeywell ceiling fan. The cased white glass bowl is frosted to diffuse the light and two 13w CFL bulbs are included with purchase.

Here are the other key features to consider when looking at this ceiling fan from Honeywell.

  • A remote control is included with this ceiling fan, allowing you to take full control of its 3 speeds. You also have a smart sync feature that makes setting up the fan a simple process and there is a light delay option that allows you to walk away without worrying about energy waste.
  • You can wire the fan and light kit separately to take advantage of a dimmer switch if you happen to have one.
  • The 54-inch blades are large enough to handle virtually any master bedroom, providing comfort all year long. The motor is reversible and one of the quietest options available in this category.

This ceiling fan is also one of the few bedroom fans that comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Observations of the Honeywell Rio

Plan to have the assembly and installation of this ETL-listed ceiling fan take about an hour. Once installed, at the highest speed setting, you’ll receive a CFM rating of 5736. Because it requires 53w, however, the efficiency rating is just 52 on this fan. It is not the most energy-efficient option available right now.

If you have an angled ceiling, there are included instructions with this ceiling fan to complete the installation.

You can swap out the CFL bulbs for LED bulbs if you prefer.

The blades on this ceiling fan are plastic and not a compressed wood, which gives some homeowners some better installation options as well. Although the assembly doesn’t have moisture resistance, cleaning the blades on this ceiling fan is pretty simple. The black color does show dust better, however, so you may feel the need to clean this ceiling fan more often.

The airflow that the fan produces feels more powerful than what the ratings actually state. If you install this ceiling fan in a smaller room, you could boost the CFM rating above 7000. It may be a little too large for a smaller child’s bedroom, but you could see this improvement in a smaller master bedroom in the 150-square-foot range.

The Honeywell Rio Contemporary Ceiling Fan is a surprisingly good ceiling fan that can give your bedroom a look that offers a modern twist. If you’re tired of the traditional ceiling fan, upgrade to this model and we think you’ll be thoroughly pleased.

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