Review: Hunter Fan Company Anslee Low Profile Ceiling Fan

The problem with flush-mount or hugger ceiling fans is that they either struggle to provide consistent airflow or they offer high levels of noise pollution. Having a powerful motor that close to the ceiling does provide some design difficulties. The Hunter Fan Company Anslee Low Profile Ceiling Fan seems to have solved this riddle.

That is because the manufacturer has equipped this ceiling fan with the same WhisperWind motor that is in other fan collections intended for larger rooms. When incorporated into this 46-inch hugger design, the results are profound. You have consistent and beneficial airflow at even the lowest setting.

Here are the key features to look at if you’re thinking about a smaller hugger ceiling fan like this one from the Hunter Fan Company.

  • The motor on this ceiling fan is reversible, allowing homeowners to receive the same benefits for warming in winter as they do in cooling benefits for the summer.
  • The light kit for this ceiling fan is integrated, with a cased white glass globe extending beneath the fan. You receive two 14w CFL bulbs in the box.
  • This ceiling fan is one of the few huggers that is backed by a limited lifetime warranty on the motor. You will notice that there is a lack of heat associated with this motor compared to huggers produced by other manufacturers.
  • Pull-chain toggles control speed adjustments and the light, with the fan and light being wired into the same switch.

Three different finishes are available with the Anslee. For this review, we took a look at the 5-blade matte silver finish. “Fresh White” and “Premier Bronze” are also available.

Observations of the Anslee Ceiling Fan

On its highest setting, the Anslee is able to achieve a CFM rating of 3954. The blades are technically reversible, but we felt that following the standard installation instructions provided the best results for using this fan.

You will want to take your time with the installation process for this fan. The blades meet their mounts at a slight angle, which can make it a challenge to install them. It took us a good couple of hours to get through the process, which is about double the time it takes for most ceiling fans that we look at.

It is also important to note that once the installation is complete, there is an 8-inch gap between the ceiling and the trim ring of the ceiling fan. That is why it is described as a “low profile” ceiling fan instead of a true flush-mount design. If your ceiling is low enough that a flush-mount is the only way to go, then you’ll need an alternative ceiling fan.

The Hunter Fan Company Anslee Low Profile Ceiling Fan may not be a “true” hugger, but it does provide an excellent level of consistency with its performance. If you can power through the installation process, then the look and levels of airflow that you’ll achieve in your bedroom or any other room will make you feel like it was worth the investment.

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