Review: Hunter Fan Company Builder Elite Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans can be a wonderful cooling option, but sometimes they take their job a little too seriously. How many times have you stood under a ceiling fan at its highest setting and felt like you were hearing the approach of a jet? The Hunter Fan Company Builder Elite Ceiling Fan will provide you with one of the quietest ownership experiences in our industry today.

With its WhisperWind technology, the motor of this ceiling fan is designed to move air powerfully without the high decibel output like other ceiling fans tend to offer. You receive quiet cooling power, whenever you want it, without needing a set of earplugs.

There are some key feature points to look at with this ceiling fan from Hunter Fan Company.

  • It features a reversible motor so you can experience warming benefits in the winter, along with the cooling benefits needed in the summer.
  • This ceiling fan is damp-rated, so it is suitable for installation with a sunroom, a covered 4-seasons porch, and certain patios.
  • A 3-position mounting system is included in the box, allowing you to install this ceiling fan with a low mounting, an angled mounting, or a standard installation.
  • The blades are given a veneer to create a specific look. 5 different finishes are currently available with the Builder Elite collection.

For the purpose of this review, we were given the opportunity to look at the bronze finish, distressed oak ceiling fan.

What to Know About the Builder Elite Ceiling Fan

This is one of the few ceiling fans in this category that comes with a limited lifetime motor warranty.

We did discover that the pull chain on this ceiling fan is a little sensitive compared to other models. If you yank on it a little too hard, you may find that the toggle doesn’t activate. It can also be very touchy about the speed setting and even toggle itself on its own if there is enough wobble or vibration in the fan.

The ceiling fan itself was pretty easy to install. Be careful with the screws that are part of the installation process. Catch one just right and it will bend on you. Replacements are easy enough to get, but a careful and planned installation process can eliminate this issue. Set out everything to ensure you’ve got what you need before beginning as well.

A common complaint with this model is that the fastest fan speed on the Builder Elite is slower than what is expected or wanted. Although we did feel like the speed is lower compared to other outdoor-rated ceiling fans, the air movement that is provided is still comparable.

Overall, we found the Hunter Fan Company Builder Elite Ceiling Fan to be an excellent mid-range product in this category that works hard to make sure you’re satisfied. Available with or without a light kit, depending on your preferences, this fan would make an excellent addition to almost any room. Give it a look and we think you’ll be just as pleased with it as we were.

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