Review: Hyperikon Indoor Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

If you’ve always liked the look of a traditional master bedroom, then your ceiling fan should match that look. You should also have a ceiling fan that can provide you with a high airflow so you receive better air circulation. The Hyperikon Indoor Ceiling Fan with Remote provides you with a 52-inch fan with a traditional wood finish on the blade, with a maple veneer, to give you that authentic look you want.

This ceiling fan is a traditional 5-blade design and offers a 62w motor that provides a CFM rating of 4400 on its highest speed. That gives it an efficiency rating of 70, which allows the fan to provide consistent comfort in the bedroom.

Here are some of the other key features to look at on this ceiling fan by Hyperikon.

  • This ceiling fan offers two-way rotation so you can benefit from better air movement in the winter as well as the summer.
  • A 5-year warranty is included with this ceiling fan. Hyperikon currently offers it as an unlimited warranty, but that is subject to change.
  • The ceiling fan offers an adjustable mounting option as well. If your bedroom has a lower ceiling, you can transition this model into a flush-mounted design.

There are 3 finishes available with this Hyperikon model. We were able to take a look at the white finish. There is also a black finish and a brushed nickel finish that offer darker wood veneers for the blades.

Observations of the Hyperikon Indoor Ceiling Fan

The blades on this ceiling fan are also reversible. If you want a slightly darker look, you can flip the white blade over to have a maple wood veneer. The shading is subtle, but enough to provide some contrast to the look for your bedroom.

The remote control for the ceiling fan is rather simple to use. You can turn the light on or off with the push of a button. The fan also turns on or off and you can immediately change the fan speed setting. You cannot control the spin direction with the remote, however, as that requires moving a toggle switch on the fan.

The fan itself is a little noisy because of the levels of blade wind that are produced, but the motor is not loud and it doesn’t hum when it is properly installed.

It isn’t a good fan option for those that have a vaulted or tall ceiling. You do receive an angled installation and you can flush-mount this fan, but an extended down bar reduces the performance of the fan. There isn’t enough air movement to be felt on the ground for the tall ceiling either with the standard mount.

For a traditional look and the ability to get the job done, the Hyperikon Indoor Ceiling Fan with Remote was a surprisingly good value option for us. Although it does have a certain tediousness to the installation process, the positives far outweigh the limited negatives with this fan and that is why it earns our recommendation.

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