Review: Westinghouse Industrial 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

With an outdoor ceiling fan, you’ve got options that go beyond a specific look or a certain performance level. You can also work with difficult ceiling installation situations, open spaces, and high airflow efficiency levels. The Westinghouse Industrial 3-Blade Ceiling Fan is specifically designed to make sure the job of moving air gets done in virtually any situation and for one of the best prices in its category.

Here are the key points to think about when evaluating this outdoor ceiling fan by Westinghouse.

  • This ceiling fan is 56 inches and rated for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.
  • We found that it works better when there is a higher ceiling. It is rated to work with ceilings up to 20 feet in height and rooms that are up to 360 square feet.
  • At its top speed, it offers a CFM of 7105. That gives it an airflow efficiency rating of 113, which is far above the 75 rating that is required for an efficient ceiling fan.
  • This is one of the few ceiling fans that is backed by a 15-year motor warranty. The blades and other components of the fan are backed by a 2-year warranty.
  • Once installed, it offers 5 different speed options and there are 4 different finish options.

For the purpose of this review, we looked exclusively at the brushed nickel finish for this ceiling fan model.

What to Expect with the Westinghouse Industrial Ceiling Fan

You will need to review your building codes before installing this fan. The blades are made with brushed nickel steel, complemented by a brushed nickel finish. Not every community allows for the installation of a metal-bladed ceiling fan in residential situations. 

The entire housing on this Westinghouse ceiling fan rotates, so installing a light kit onto it is virtually impossible. There is no reversible option for the motor either. The fan controls that install on the wall are definitely a throwback as well.

Some of the product literature that comes with this industrial ceiling fan states that it is an indoor fan. Other documentation indicates that it is rated for indoor and outdoor use. Although we wouldn’t recommend full water contact, there is a certain amount of moisture resistance built into this model. It works well for a covered outdoor patio, carport, or similar property location from our experience.

Getting this fan balanced correctly was our biggest issue. With just a bit of wobble, we found that weight placement at the end of the fan blade made the biggest difference in fan performance.

Although the highest setting provides a high level of air movement, the lowest setting provides ample relief on a warm day. We found the best results came from the third speed setting.

If you don’t want to pay several hundred dollars for a new ceiling fan, give the Westinghouse Industrial 3-Blade Ceiling Fan a closer look. Should it meet your building code expectations, you’ll find this ceiling fan to be a tremendous value option.

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