Review: Ciata Lighting Industrial Ceiling Fan (2 Pack)

Chances are that you’ve become frustrated by the quality of the average ceiling fan for the garage. You can either find a fan that offers a tremendous airflow level or you can find a fan that is energy efficient. The Ciata Lighting Industrial Ceiling Fan, offered in a 2-pack, provides an affordable way to transform the environment of a garage up to 720 square feet in size.

That’s 360 square feet per fan, by the way.

Its 56-inch, 3-blade design is perfect for the garage. The blade pitch is flatter than most ceiling fans, which limits the amount of blade wind noise that is produced. Here are some of the other key features that come with this ceiling fan by Ciata Lighting.

  • It offers a CFM rating of 6254. When used without a light kit, the total energy usage is 60w per fan. That gives it an efficiency rating of 104, which is one of the best in this category.
  • The fan comes with a 78-inch lead wire, complemented by a 12-inch down rod that is 1/2-inch in diameter. This works with a ball hanger installation system that is very easy to use. It took us about 45 minutes to install the first fan and another 30 minutes to install the second one.
  • The fans in this 2-pack are backed by a 15-year motor warranty and a 2-year warranty on the other components, such as the blades.

Observations of the Ciata Lighting Garage Fan

This garage ceiling fan is manufactured by Westinghouse and is similar to their own collection of industrial ceiling fans. It offers a modern look that is perfect for commercial or industrial locations, but still provides a clean finish that is perfect for the garage as well.

Many ceiling fans like this one are required to be hung at 12 feet or even 15 feet to maximize the airflow benefits that can be achieved. This ceiling fan can be hung at just 10 feet. It is ETL-listed.

The weight of the ceiling fan was our primary concern. Many electrical boxes in the garage are rated to hold 30 pounds, which is suitable for many ceiling fans. This specific model weighs just over 30 pounds. Our scale registered it at 30 pounds, 4 ounces. That technically exceeds the specs of the electrical boxes that most homeowners already have. Don’t fudge on this and just install the fan anyway. It could be a coding violation.

You do get two fans with this 2-pack. You also receive two sets of mounting hardware. You do have the ability to control both fans with one wall control if the controller can handle the maximum load for both fans.

The Ciata Lighting Industrial Ceiling Fan may be intended for garages, but it works just as well for lofts, barns, and workshops. It is durable, powerful, and will work hard to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Give this 2-pack a closer look and we think you’ll agree that this is a tremendous value opportunity.

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Review: Emerson Indoor Ceiling Heat Fan

If you’ve turned your garage into a workspace, a recreational area, or a toy room for the kids, then you’re going to need a high-quality ceiling fan to regulate the air movement of that space. Garages are notorious for trapping heat near the ceiling since so many have a lack of attic insulation. The Emerson Indoor Ceiling Heat Fan is an excellent example of how form meets function within this category.

This ceiling fan comes with 3 different finishes: appliance white, brushed steel, and barbeque black. Our review involves the appliance white model.

Here are the key features of this Emerson ceiling fan.

  • It offers adaptability so it can be wired to a wall control. It uses a 120-volt connection, but is a single-speed fan. The motor on this fan does not provide a reversible function either.
  • Because of the design of this ceiling fan, it must be mounted so that the blades are at least 10 feet off the floor. A 6-inch down rod is included, but longer down rods are compatible with this model.
  • The blades are constructed from polypropylene, which reduces drag and maximizes the airflow that can be achieved with this ceiling fan.
  • This ceiling fan offers a chemical-resistant user experience with its manufacturing and design.

Observations of the Emerson Indoor Ceiling Fan

Although this is a single-speed ceiling fan, we compared how it would perform with some of the 84-inch ceiling fans that are in this category. The airflow that it can achieve is comparable. It really does produce a good breeze to the point that an installation above a workbench could be bothersome or move lightweight items in the bench area.

Depending on the length of the down rod that is being used with this Emerson ceiling fan, you may see varying levels of wobble. We didn’t see anything with a 6-inch down rod, but once we went beyond 24 inches, stabilization methods needed to be used. Counterweights really helped, but there may be some vibration that could be a deal-breaker for some homeowners. We’d recommend using this ceiling fan in garages with ceilings of 16 feet or lower.

Because of its design, there is a noticeable addition of blade wind that is experienced underneath the fan. That noise pollution may be disturbing in smaller garages or workshops that have this ceiling fan installed. It isn’t overly bothersome, especially after a couple of days with the fan, but could be bothersome to some owners.

We did notice that the motor on this ceiling fan does tend to build up some heat along the ceiling if it is left on for an extended period. Our recommendation would be to avoid having this fan left on overnight, especially if you are using the minimum 6-inch down rod on a 12-foot ceiling.

If you want a high-performance, but affordable, garage ceiling fan, then the 60-inch Emerson Indoor Ceiling Heat Fan will exceed your expectations. There are some challenges to meet, but it does an excellent job and has earned our recommendation.

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Review: Air King Industrial Grade Ceiling Mount Fan

When you’re working out in the garage, you need something that can change the environment of that space quickly and efficiently. You need to have a fan that can handle temperature extremes so you can stay comfortable. The Air King Industrial Grade Ceiling Mount Fan will do just that. This 18-inch fan can mount in virtually any position on your garage ceiling, improving air circulation throughout the entire space.

It comes with a 10-foot power cord, featuring a 3-conductor type SJT design.

Here are the other key features to take a look at with this ceiling fan from Air King.

  • It is powered by a 1/6 HP motor that is fully enclosed and permanently lubricated to decrease the maintenance chores that are required to keep this fan functioning at its best.
  • The ceiling fan is constructed from a powder-coated steel so that it can withstand the challenging environment of the garage while still offering a consistent performance that matches its durability.
  • The weight of the fan is about 23 inches. It is 28 inches wide and 24 inches long. It is OSHA-approved for industrial locations and is ETL-listed.

This fan has been approved for use in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, and schools. It will definitely provide you the results you want to see inside your garage or workshop.

What to Expect with the Air King Industrial Ceiling Fan

Although this fan isn’t technically weather-resistant, it does handle difficult indoor environments. It performs well when there is high humidity present and the added moisture doesn’t affect the finish. In areas where there is a high salt content to the air, there could be tarnishing or corrosion in nicks or scratches with the finish.

Some have tried to market this fan as being an oscillating garage fan, but it doesn’t have the mechanism to do so. You can turn this fan in the direction you’d like to have the airflow pointed, however, so there is some flexibility. The fan base rotates and it will tilt on its pivot point as well.

The installation of this ceiling fan was ridiculously simple. It took us less than 30 minutes from start to finish. The mount is nice and secure, supporting the high-speed air movement. Even when the lowest setting is used, you’ll notice a tremendous level of air movement. Three total speeds are available with this fan.

It is sturdy. The finish is excellent. The air movement is what one would expect from a commercial-quality product. It really does meet or exceed expectations at every level.

The Air King Industrial Grade Ceiling Mount Fan does need to be secured to your rafters, but that is the only real challenge that is presented here. If you’re tired of not being able to use your garage or your workshop all year long, give this ceiling fan a try. We believe that you will be suitably impressed by what it is able to do.

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Review: Honeywell Rio Contemporary Ceiling Fan

Sometimes, the traditional look is just not right for the bedroom. If you love modern lines and want something that can be a focal point of your interior design, you may find yourself feeling disappointed by the options you find in the category of the best bedroom ceiling fans. Let the Honeywell Rio Contemporary Ceiling Fan lift your spirts. With its swept-up blade design, brushed nickel finish with matte black blades, and quiet convenience, it will exceed your expectations.

A light kit is included with this Honeywell ceiling fan. The cased white glass bowl is frosted to diffuse the light and two 13w CFL bulbs are included with purchase.

Here are the other key features to consider when looking at this ceiling fan from Honeywell.

  • A remote control is included with this ceiling fan, allowing you to take full control of its 3 speeds. You also have a smart sync feature that makes setting up the fan a simple process and there is a light delay option that allows you to walk away without worrying about energy waste.
  • You can wire the fan and light kit separately to take advantage of a dimmer switch if you happen to have one.
  • The 54-inch blades are large enough to handle virtually any master bedroom, providing comfort all year long. The motor is reversible and one of the quietest options available in this category.

This ceiling fan is also one of the few bedroom fans that comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Observations of the Honeywell Rio

Plan to have the assembly and installation of this ETL-listed ceiling fan take about an hour. Once installed, at the highest speed setting, you’ll receive a CFM rating of 5736. Because it requires 53w, however, the efficiency rating is just 52 on this fan. It is not the most energy-efficient option available right now.

If you have an angled ceiling, there are included instructions with this ceiling fan to complete the installation.

You can swap out the CFL bulbs for LED bulbs if you prefer.

The blades on this ceiling fan are plastic and not a compressed wood, which gives some homeowners some better installation options as well. Although the assembly doesn’t have moisture resistance, cleaning the blades on this ceiling fan is pretty simple. The black color does show dust better, however, so you may feel the need to clean this ceiling fan more often.

The airflow that the fan produces feels more powerful than what the ratings actually state. If you install this ceiling fan in a smaller room, you could boost the CFM rating above 7000. It may be a little too large for a smaller child’s bedroom, but you could see this improvement in a smaller master bedroom in the 150-square-foot range.

The Honeywell Rio Contemporary Ceiling Fan is a surprisingly good ceiling fan that can give your bedroom a look that offers a modern twist. If you’re tired of the traditional ceiling fan, upgrade to this model and we think you’ll be thoroughly pleased.

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Review: Hyperikon Indoor Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

If you’ve always liked the look of a traditional master bedroom, then your ceiling fan should match that look. You should also have a ceiling fan that can provide you with a high airflow so you receive better air circulation. The Hyperikon Indoor Ceiling Fan with Remote provides you with a 52-inch fan with a traditional wood finish on the blade, with a maple veneer, to give you that authentic look you want.

This ceiling fan is a traditional 5-blade design and offers a 62w motor that provides a CFM rating of 4400 on its highest speed. That gives it an efficiency rating of 70, which allows the fan to provide consistent comfort in the bedroom.

Here are some of the other key features to look at on this ceiling fan by Hyperikon.

  • This ceiling fan offers two-way rotation so you can benefit from better air movement in the winter as well as the summer.
  • A 5-year warranty is included with this ceiling fan. Hyperikon currently offers it as an unlimited warranty, but that is subject to change.
  • The ceiling fan offers an adjustable mounting option as well. If your bedroom has a lower ceiling, you can transition this model into a flush-mounted design.

There are 3 finishes available with this Hyperikon model. We were able to take a look at the white finish. There is also a black finish and a brushed nickel finish that offer darker wood veneers for the blades.

Observations of the Hyperikon Indoor Ceiling Fan

The blades on this ceiling fan are also reversible. If you want a slightly darker look, you can flip the white blade over to have a maple wood veneer. The shading is subtle, but enough to provide some contrast to the look for your bedroom.

The remote control for the ceiling fan is rather simple to use. You can turn the light on or off with the push of a button. The fan also turns on or off and you can immediately change the fan speed setting. You cannot control the spin direction with the remote, however, as that requires moving a toggle switch on the fan.

The fan itself is a little noisy because of the levels of blade wind that are produced, but the motor is not loud and it doesn’t hum when it is properly installed.

It isn’t a good fan option for those that have a vaulted or tall ceiling. You do receive an angled installation and you can flush-mount this fan, but an extended down bar reduces the performance of the fan. There isn’t enough air movement to be felt on the ground for the tall ceiling either with the standard mount.

For a traditional look and the ability to get the job done, the Hyperikon Indoor Ceiling Fan with Remote was a surprisingly good value option for us. Although it does have a certain tediousness to the installation process, the positives far outweigh the limited negatives with this fan and that is why it earns our recommendation.

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Review: Hardware House Arcadia 30-Inch Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Bedrooms come in many different shapes and sizes. Just because you have a small bedroom doesn’t mean that you can’t have a ceiling fan installed. The Hardware House Arcadia 30-inch Flush Mount Ceiling Fan is the perfect option for a bedroom under 100 square feet in size. It’s priced right so that it can be a ceiling fan for a child’s room or it can be a nice addition to a smaller master bedroom as well.

With its 6-blade design, there is plenty of air movement that comes from this 30-inch fan. Here are some of the key features to take a look at with this ceiling fan from Hardware House.

  • There is a 3-speed pull chain control that allows you to customize your air movement experience. The motor is also reversible so you can be more comfortable in your bedroom all year long.
  • A cap is included with this ceiling fan, so you can choose to install it with the light kit or have it go without if you need the extra space.
  • The base of the ceiling fan has a distinct candelabra shape, which complements most bedroom styles.

There are 4 different finishes that are available with this specific model. For the purpose of this review, we took a look at the white ceiling fan with bleached oak ceiling fan blades. Black, bronze, and satin nickel finishes are available with this bedroom ceiling fan as well.

Observations of the Hardware House Arcadia

We really appreciated the lightweight design of this smaller ceiling fan. It only weighs a little over 10 pounds, which makes it very easy to install on most electrical boxes.

The light kit does extend a little further down than some might like. If you’re using this in a child’s bedroom and there are bunk beds in a smaller room, you might impact the blades or the light fixture, despite the 30-inch size.

The fan itself is very quiet. You can hear the air movement and there is a bit of a hum as the motor starts up, but otherwise you won’t notice this fan operating. Even in an 80-square-foot bedroom, there is no issue with sleeping. There is a slightly louder hum on the lowest setting that might disturb light sleepers.

The fan is a basic model, so there isn’t separate wiring for a dimmer switch or a remote control for the fan. Installation is fairly simple, though we did need to strip the wires on the model we received and clean out one of the screw holes for mounting one of the blades so it would fit properly.

Good small ceiling fans are difficult to find. The Hardware House Arcadia 30-inch Flush Mount Ceiling Fan does an excellent job for its size and performed consistently for us. We found it to offer an excellent experience and would encourage everyone to give it a closer look to see if it could meet their needs.

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Review: Hunter Fan Company Anslee Low Profile Ceiling Fan

The problem with flush-mount or hugger ceiling fans is that they either struggle to provide consistent airflow or they offer high levels of noise pollution. Having a powerful motor that close to the ceiling does provide some design difficulties. The Hunter Fan Company Anslee Low Profile Ceiling Fan seems to have solved this riddle.

That is because the manufacturer has equipped this ceiling fan with the same WhisperWind motor that is in other fan collections intended for larger rooms. When incorporated into this 46-inch hugger design, the results are profound. You have consistent and beneficial airflow at even the lowest setting.

Here are the key features to look at if you’re thinking about a smaller hugger ceiling fan like this one from the Hunter Fan Company.

  • The motor on this ceiling fan is reversible, allowing homeowners to receive the same benefits for warming in winter as they do in cooling benefits for the summer.
  • The light kit for this ceiling fan is integrated, with a cased white glass globe extending beneath the fan. You receive two 14w CFL bulbs in the box.
  • This ceiling fan is one of the few huggers that is backed by a limited lifetime warranty on the motor. You will notice that there is a lack of heat associated with this motor compared to huggers produced by other manufacturers.
  • Pull-chain toggles control speed adjustments and the light, with the fan and light being wired into the same switch.

Three different finishes are available with the Anslee. For this review, we took a look at the 5-blade matte silver finish. “Fresh White” and “Premier Bronze” are also available.

Observations of the Anslee Ceiling Fan

On its highest setting, the Anslee is able to achieve a CFM rating of 3954. The blades are technically reversible, but we felt that following the standard installation instructions provided the best results for using this fan.

You will want to take your time with the installation process for this fan. The blades meet their mounts at a slight angle, which can make it a challenge to install them. It took us a good couple of hours to get through the process, which is about double the time it takes for most ceiling fans that we look at.

It is also important to note that once the installation is complete, there is an 8-inch gap between the ceiling and the trim ring of the ceiling fan. That is why it is described as a “low profile” ceiling fan instead of a true flush-mount design. If your ceiling is low enough that a flush-mount is the only way to go, then you’ll need an alternative ceiling fan.

The Hunter Fan Company Anslee Low Profile Ceiling Fan may not be a “true” hugger, but it does provide an excellent level of consistency with its performance. If you can power through the installation process, then the look and levels of airflow that you’ll achieve in your bedroom or any other room will make you feel like it was worth the investment.

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Review: Hampton Bay Brushed Nickel Hugger Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan for the bedroom should meet three specific requirements. It must look fantastic, operate quietly, and provide enough light so that additional lamps aren’t required. The Hampton Bay Brushed Nickel Hugger Ceiling Fan meets every requirement with a price that is surprisingly affordable. It also offers one of the easiest installation processes to follow in its category.

Here are some of the key features to consider if you’re looking at this ceiling fan by Hampton Bay.

  • The blades on this ceiling fan are reversible, giving you the option to have warming or cooling effects. Each side offers a different finish as well. There is a walnut veneer finish on one side and a maple veneer finish on the other side of the blade.
  • The light kit that is provided uses an integrated frosted opal glass bowl to create consistent lighting effects throughout the room.
  • Three different speed settings are available with the motor, which is controlled by a toggle switch on the fan. You integrate the power controls to a single switch. Reversible rotation is also possible with this ceiling fan.

Although this ceiling fan is 52 inches, it has been rated to work in rooms up to 400 square feet in size. The amount of airflow achieved by this ceiling fan is quite remarkable.

Observations of the Hampton Bay Hugger Ceiling Fan

What we found to be the best feature of this ceiling fan is the consistency of the airflow. Even with its hugger design, you can have this fan over your bed and not feel like you’re getting “pulses” of breeze. It’s a nice, consistent level of air movement that is achieved with this 5-blade design.

The total height from the canopy to the bottom of the light fixture is just under 12 inches with its flush-mount design. That makes it a suitable option for bedroom ceilings that are between 8 and 8.5 feet high. It’s one of the few ceiling fans with a hugger design that is approved for 8-foot ceilings.

Once installed, the ceiling fan looks great and the performance is consistent over time. We did find that if you run the ceiling fan on the lowest setting consistently that it can develop a slight hum over time. We would recommend using a faster speed or varying your fan speeds to prevent this issue from occurring.

We also noticed a “finishing” odor from this fan when opening the box for the first time. Sort of like the “new car smell,” but for a ceiling fan. For a small bedroom, the odor was quite powerful. We left the ceiling fan out in an open space (otherwise known as the garage) for 48 hours before completing the installation and that resolved the odor issue.

Spend extra time balancing the fan to prevent vibration and extra humming.

The Hampton Bay Brushed Nickel Hugger Ceiling Fan is a surprisingly good value. Grab it today if you’re looking for something that looks great, but won’t break your budget.

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Review: Hunter Fan Company Builder Elite Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans can be a wonderful cooling option, but sometimes they take their job a little too seriously. How many times have you stood under a ceiling fan at its highest setting and felt like you were hearing the approach of a jet? The Hunter Fan Company Builder Elite Ceiling Fan will provide you with one of the quietest ownership experiences in our industry today.

With its WhisperWind technology, the motor of this ceiling fan is designed to move air powerfully without the high decibel output like other ceiling fans tend to offer. You receive quiet cooling power, whenever you want it, without needing a set of earplugs.

There are some key feature points to look at with this ceiling fan from Hunter Fan Company.

  • It features a reversible motor so you can experience warming benefits in the winter, along with the cooling benefits needed in the summer.
  • This ceiling fan is damp-rated, so it is suitable for installation with a sunroom, a covered 4-seasons porch, and certain patios.
  • A 3-position mounting system is included in the box, allowing you to install this ceiling fan with a low mounting, an angled mounting, or a standard installation.
  • The blades are given a veneer to create a specific look. 5 different finishes are currently available with the Builder Elite collection.

For the purpose of this review, we were given the opportunity to look at the bronze finish, distressed oak ceiling fan.

What to Know About the Builder Elite Ceiling Fan

This is one of the few ceiling fans in this category that comes with a limited lifetime motor warranty.

We did discover that the pull chain on this ceiling fan is a little sensitive compared to other models. If you yank on it a little too hard, you may find that the toggle doesn’t activate. It can also be very touchy about the speed setting and even toggle itself on its own if there is enough wobble or vibration in the fan.

The ceiling fan itself was pretty easy to install. Be careful with the screws that are part of the installation process. Catch one just right and it will bend on you. Replacements are easy enough to get, but a careful and planned installation process can eliminate this issue. Set out everything to ensure you’ve got what you need before beginning as well.

A common complaint with this model is that the fastest fan speed on the Builder Elite is slower than what is expected or wanted. Although we did feel like the speed is lower compared to other outdoor-rated ceiling fans, the air movement that is provided is still comparable.

Overall, we found the Hunter Fan Company Builder Elite Ceiling Fan to be an excellent mid-range product in this category that works hard to make sure you’re satisfied. Available with or without a light kit, depending on your preferences, this fan would make an excellent addition to almost any room. Give it a look and we think you’ll be just as pleased with it as we were.

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Review: Harbor Breeze Merrimack Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans may be going out of style for some, but that might be because those folks haven’t seen the modern design options that are available today. Many great fans are fusing modern functionality with old-school looks. One of the best examples of this fashionable fusion is the Harbor Breeze Merrimack Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan.

It provides a rustic charm with its first impression thanks to its ribbed blades and lantern-like light fixture. A java finish provides a look that is humble and approachable for almost any interior design. It also features LED lighting and a quiet motor technology that makes you forget it is present in the room, even when operating at its highest speed setting.

Here are some more key points to look at with this ceiling fan by Harbor Breeze.

  • It offers a 3-speed AC motor that is reversible. At its highest setting, the fan offers a CFM rating of 5188. This gives it an airflow efficiency rating of 89, making it an excellent option for those looking for an energy efficient ceiling fan.
  • The blades of this ceiling fan are weatherproof, making it possible to have a full outdoor installation. The fixtures are an antique bronze finish to complement the java look, creating a stunning ceiling fan that becomes a conversation piece.
  • The light kit offers a clear seeded glass shade, offered in a lantern-esque globe style, with metal support brackets surrounding it to finish off the brilliant look of the fan.

The maintenance and cleaning chores for this ceiling fan is super simple. You just wipe it down with a wet cloth and let it air dry. A light polish really enhances the finish as well.

What to Expect with the Harbor Breeze Merrimack

The Merrimack comes with a 6-inch down rod in the box. There are compatible down rods that can be purchased that go up to 48 inches in length. Once you go beyond 24 inches, however, the 6-inch intervals go away, so taller ceilings can be somewhat difficult to manage for some homeowners.

Even though this ceiling fan is rated for indoor and outdoor use, we found that precipitation contact with the fan is a bad thing. The Merrimack can handle an environment that is humid, but direct rain or snow contact will likely ruin the fan.

As we began the installation of this ceiling fan, we noticed that there is no option for separate fan and light wiring. You have to wire the entire assembly into your switch, which means there isn’t a dimmable option with this ceiling fan.

There was a little noise experienced at the highest setting, but nothing that was extremely bothersome. No humming came from the fan. The airflow that can be achieved is impressive. There is also a remote option to use, which we found to be quite useful.

The Harbor Breeze Merrimack Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan is a solid option in a crowded category. Although it isn’t really a wet-rated fan, it is equivalent to a damp-rated fan and that allows it to have plenty of potential for almost any home.

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